Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ode to other food blogs and fellow foodies

We ate baked chicken last night that I stuffed with an onion and about 4 large stalks of rosemary. It was divine. No pictures. Nothing exciting. But I highly recommend using stalks of rosemary for chicken stuffing and with roasting potatoes. Next time I make them I will photograph and write the recipes.

Today I am listing some great blogs I have found recently. Blogs I found because they either visited me or someone exited their page and came to my blog. I am just beside myself with the traffic I have received from Foodbuzz and the Foodie Blogroll and the fact that I was a random contest winner was a bonus for traffic. Oh and someone from Martha Stewart Living visited but they were searching to see who had used the term Everyday Food. Hoping they liked what they saw!

The Hungry Housewife - check out the cute kid friendly stuff

Chez LaFleur in Manhattan - the chicken tortilla soup and she had a post on the Feast of San Gennaro festival. Oh how I miss living where there are other Italians!

Daily Deliciousness - for the love of French onion soup!

The Sporadic Cook - my kind of food!

Cara's Cravings - check out the perfect little cupcake pops! They are too cute.

Cooking in the Heartland - She is also getting in shape so I don't have to be the only food blogger that is trying to slim down!

Elegantly Domesticated - I Pray to Gouda- anyone with an addiction to cheese is a friend of mine.

And many more. Those are just a few of the great blogs that people were reading before they came to my blog.

Life is Good!!


Suzee said...

Wow - thanks for the shout out for Chez LaFleur :) I enjoy your blog a lot too - I need to figure out how you can tell who visits (among other things!) Have a great day!

lauren said...
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lauren said...
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Life is Good said...

Suzee - thanks! I use to keep track of my blog traffic. It is free.

lauren - thanks for reading and commenting but I like to keep my food blog free of politics.

Suzee said...

Thanks for the pointer to - I'm starting to work with it and it does give you lots of great info! Thanks!

Shawna said...

Thanks so much for the blog love!!! :) I'm linking you to my blog right now for some additional traffic! :) Have a wonderful evening.

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