Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cambridge's First Day

Yesterday was Cambridge's first dayof 4's preschool. He already knew the teachers as Lucy had them when she was 4 and he went to summer camp at the school over the summer and had one of the teachers during camp. He came home and said "I didn't get to sit next to Joseph at snack. That was bad!" But he did tell me "I went down the twisty slide and didn't fall off (like he did the last time 3 weeks ago when he broke his wrist!) So today he got in the car after school and as his teacher was buckling him in he said "I GOT TO SIT NEXT TO JOSEPH AT SNACK!" What a great day he had! The simple things in life sometimes we forget about.

What simple things make you or your kids happy?

I know for me a cup of Starbucks coffee with my coffee friends is a luxury I never take for granted. And the feeling I have after pilates class, thank goodness it is over but I actually feel good!

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