Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bad Small Appliance Weekend - Mojitos

So we got NOTHING from TS Hanna. Thank goodness. But after all the prepping and hyping I was in the mood for a margarita. I like to drink them on the rocks at a bar but at home I like them frozen. I only use fresh ingredients so I know it will taste good and with my continuing abundance of limes from my lime tree I decided to make me one late Saturday afternoon. I put some ice in my Kitchen Aid blender that I got for my wedding nearly 9 years ago (and haven't used much) and turned it on and poof! It went whiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr. No movement inside. I took the pitcher off it and the entire blade element had rotted off! GO figure. So I instead made mojitos which were divine!

I was about to throw out the blender when I went to the Kitchen Aid website and saw how much they cost, nearly $200. Not sure who bought this for me!?!? But on ebay I found a piece for $4 that looks like it will fit and make the blender work again. We will see.

On Sunday I was ironing. My most dreaded task of the week. All of a sudden whammo the dial in the middle of the iron that controls the heat pops off! I am thinking what next. SO I go to Target and buy a new iron. Stainless steel pad and it is awesome but when I get it home I realize it does not have the retractable cord. NOw for $30 I want a retractable cord. SO I iron the rest of Lucy's school uniforms and take the iron back to Target on Monday morning. I buy the same model with a retractable cord. I get home and fill it with water and am looking at it and it looks used. None of the pieces were in the bags that were in the box so I know someone has purchased it and returned it. What that person did not tell Target is that the iron leaks like a sieve! Now I have a hot iron, a 4 year old boy wanting to be entertained and still a bunch of ironing to do. All before my friends come over to bead in the evening.

I trot back to Target and this time with the iron not in the box as it is too hot, and the same woman is at the return counter. She starts laughing at me! Says they have been having problems with these Sunbeam irons and she marks the item as damaged. Now the irons are right next to the toy aisle and I have to get to the grocery store before picking up Lucy at school. I look at all the irons and they really have an awful selection. Cambridge is running across the aisle to the toys as I am grumbling about having to go to Wal-Mart. We leave Target and go to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has the iron I want but it is not in stock. They are expecting a shipment of 3 overnight and there are 3 at another Super Wal-Mart down the street (worse than this old Wal-Mart). So I ask the lady, will they be put on the shelves by morning? She says just come by in the morning it is not like we are going to have a rush of people coming in here in the morning to buy irons! Duh! I just want to know if they will be put on the shelves.

So there is my story of my blender and my iron. I am on my way to Wal-Mart right now before I go to Lucy's school to give blood. (They always want more than tuition! ;-)) Hopefully the iron I want will be on the shelf and I can get it home and happily go about ironing. The sad thing is I am so excited about it as the stainless steel makes it press so much better.

I also hope my blender part works. I can't imagine spending that kind of money on a blender.

Have a great day and may all your small appliances work well. Life is good.

Mojito recipe
Fresh mint
simple syrup (1 cup water & 1 cup sugar-heat to boil)
club soda

put fresh mint and a tiny bit of sugar and a lime slic in bottom of tall glass.
With muddler gently muddle (bruise) the mint leaves to release flavor.
Pour a small bit of simple syrup in glass (depending on how sweet you like it)
Pour in 1 and a half shot glasses of Rum (or Vodka)
Add ice to top
put in shaker and shake
pour in glass and top with club soda
squeeze lime and ENJOY

Life is really really good after a few of these!

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Anne said...

I used to hate ironing. Then one day (this was a LLOONNGG time ago) I had to get a new iron. When I got home I was amazed how how easy ironing was. And how expensive those little things were too.

Mmmmm - on the margaritas and mojitos.

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