Thursday, September 04, 2008

Country First

Country First! What a great slogan. It embodies hope and change and all the empty words the empty suit, I mean Barack Obama, and his running mate are passing out. Sarah Palin did awesome last night. Rudy Giulliani was amazing. This is what the republican party needed. The democrats have nothing and are on the defensive because they picked the old and established to try to get "change." Go figure. But does that really surprise any of us? Not me.

So no the liberal and their elite media have to attach Palin on such things as the actions of her children, yes how awful that her daughter has decided not to suck her unborn baby into a sink. She should be caned for that! Hmm can we think wow a life was spared and will be brought into this world instead of a sink in a clininc. Now I do believe the young couple will have a tough time but that is their issue.

So if Sarah Palin had teared up I know the media would have said she was soft. Instead The Huffinton Post (BARF) is saying it was too masculine. EVERY woman should be offended by this. This is the most sexist thing I have ever heard. Give me a break. But when you have nothing to go on you have to start making things up and digging for what is not really news. Making personal digs. Was Obama's speech too masculine or feminine? Would they have ever used this word to describe a speech by a man? I don't think so. It is a double standard and feminists should be roaring! Where are they?

So I hope the Democrats are sitting back saying that they have it in the bag because come election day the truth will be told and the change coming to the White House will be in the form of McCain/Palin. I believe Biden can't stand a chance with Palin in a debate and if Obama continues to say things are above his pay grade to deserve and answer well maybe all his "fans" will see that he is an empty suit filled with hot air. Yes he is young and attractive but that will not help our country.

And if the liberal media were doing their job the would all know that Petraeus has issued a take down of the troops since Iraq is going so well. Hmmm where is that in the media.

Well I am off to enjoy my day. I am energized by the speaches last night and ready to take on the world. Country First!


Anne said...

Score 1 for the Republicans. No, with Giulliani, score 2.

And coming from a woman (last time I checked, I was one) - I sat with a grin on my face the whole time Palin was speaking. She did women right. She did Republicans right. She did Moms right. And the list goes on.

Some of the media last night said that there were such low expectations of her that it was easy to look good. And what a primed crowd.

Well I say, she had HUGE expectations from the likes of me and I was blown away. And I didn't hear the media saying the German crowd, pumped to hear their favorite band was too easy of a sell for Obama. And which American's was he trying to reach over there - I never quite figured that one out.

She was a class act! And Biden should be running scared.

Brittany said...

I am so excited! I was thrilled by her speech as well. I'm not normally one for women in politics, but I totally feel like this is exactly what she was meant to do for our country, us as women, and for families. Now, if the Obama supporters would pay attention and stop just wanting change and not being able to look past party lines and vote for the PERSON, we could have some GREAT leadership in our country again! (I like Bush, don't get me wrong.)

I heard about the troops. I'm glad for that. I supported the war anyway. I've had several friends there who've said nothing but how good it was that our country was there fighting for the Iraqi people. Those stories never make the news. It's a shame. It's like our men and women went there for nothing. Reminds me a little of Nam. MyWhile e/o says they support our troups, it's not so. Unless you support what they're doing, you're not supporting them. Period.

Great post, Linda!

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