Thursday, October 09, 2008

A few cooking secrets & household secrets

Last night I did NOT want to cook. Husband offered to do take out but I opted to throw something together. I did the chicken sausage with some ravioli for the kids.

Sausage cooking secret - I saw a part of a Rachael Ray episode a few weeks back and she was cooking sausage. She put some water in the pan with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and when the water evaporated the sausage were basically cooked and then the olive oil in the pan browned them. The did not burn. My house did not smell awful and it was a super trick. I have now used it twice and it works great! Can't believe I didn't know that.

Hard boiled egg secret - I also saw this on Food Network a few years ago. It was the 2 guys that won the first season of next Food Network Star. When making hard boiled eggs, after cooking drain the hot water and fill with cold water and ice and add a splash of vinegar. Let sit for a few minutes and then when you peel them the skins will peel right off! Amazing. Can't believe I didn't know this one either.

Olive oil and greasy food stains - before washing put some regular Dawn dishwashing liquid and put it on the stain. rub together and then wash. the stain will come out. Even if you have washed the item many times it still works.

Sour smelling laundry - if you accidently leave the clothes in the washing machine overnight start the load again the next morning and add some white vinegar and laundry detergent. The vinegar will take out the sour smell. Works like a charm!

Hope these tips are helpful. If you have any pass them on to me. Life is Good!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Those WERE great tips. I'm actually making chicken sausage tomorrow night, and I love that idea.

Anne said...

Love all the food tips. Luckily I found out about the vinegar tip a while ago...needed it to get the man stink out of Bryan's clothes after his workouts. I tried everything and the vinegar is the only thing that truly works.

Can't wait to try the boiled egg thing...wonder how it will work on Easter Eggs that will need to be dyed later?

Life is Good said...

Jen - hope the sausage turned out great!

Anne - it works with the eggs for Easter too. But it is always easier to get the shell off right away but I did the trick last year and had better success than when I don't do it. Hope you are enjoying the silence! ;-)

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Great tips and ones that I really need. Laundry goes sour here quite often...I tend to forget it alot. Can't wait to try that tip!!!

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