Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew there was so much to setting up a blog? Getting the right colors. picking the right name and url. Choosing photographs. Coming up with subjects to talk about. I never would have thought it would take up so much time. Although I guess some of that time was eaten up reading other people's blogs. As I have written before they are fascinating.

I am trying to put ads on here. There is a program where the advertisers will pay me. I figure why not. So that is taking time for me to be approved. Also, since I set up my last blog the customize template and stuff has changed and I am sure it is for the better it is a harder learning curve since I had done it the other way previously.

I am still in my pjs (well I have shorts and sports bra on with the long tshirt since I had to walk Lucy to the end of the driveway for car pool pickup) and so is Cambridge. It s 11:47 am. He does not want to get dressed! He does not want to go do anything. YIKES. I am not sure who is going to be in bigger trouble next week when he goes back to school, me or him! He wants to watch Blues Clues. That is all he wants to do. We got a Blues Clues video from the library the other day and that is what he is content watching. So I let him watch all the episodes on it and then he has to play with no tv on for at least an hour and then he can watch something again. Oh I am a bad mommy. I am trying to get him to go to the park but unless I can get a friend to go along with him he is content to play in the house. We have set up a Monster Truck rally track where his monster trucks (sligthly bigger than a matchbox) can drive over the other cars and feel like Monster Jam on Speed Tv! This boy stuff is way easier than girl toys and stuff. Just a lot of vroom noises and grunting as opposed to making play conversation with a mommy and her baby. Lucy always wanted to be the mommy!!!

So here I sit. At the computer. Doing each of the kids school calendars. And you would think that since Lucy's k-12 school bought Cambridge's 2yo-K school that all the vacation days would be the same! NOT! So there are several days off when it is one or the other. The spring break is the same and winter break but Lucy has 2 extra days at the end of her winter break. Then in October Lucy has a Thursday and Friday off and then Cambridge gets the Monday off for Columbus day! Go figure.

ok back from a quick break. Got Cambridge dressed and took a video of him while I was at it. You can see what a NASCAR and Tony Stewart fan he truly is (hat, pillow, #20 on his cast).

Gotta decide what to make for dinner. I know the kids would like tacos but Lucy requested garlic bread and pasta (can you say carb loading?) and I have some ribs, chicken breasts and lean ground beef. My garden is full of basil but we ate all the red tomatoes and I have an over abundance of limes. Is there such a thing as lime chicken????hmmmm.

Off to check out the freezer and my garden to see what I can make this evening. Have a great day and thanks for reading.


Way More Homemade said...

Oh Liiinda! Remember me? Donna from the old board on bbc. Just stopping in to say Howdy friend. I'm so looking forward to keeping up with you and your kiddos this way.

I hope Lucy had a great first day! We've been in school for 2 wks now.


Anne said...

Somehow I only noticed the move today, not yesterday - Sorry! Busy with the start of school.

The new look is great! Can't wait to read more. And yes, there is a such thing as Lime Chicken - I've had it at restaurants. Usually covered with some time of cheese and some corn chip strips. I bet if you go to askdotcom and do a recipe search you'll find something.

Life is Good! said...

Hey Donna! I do remember you. I actually just read the card you sent to me after Cambridge was born. It is in my bedside table! Lucy has been in school for 2 weeks as well. Cambridge starts next week. Thanks for saying hello. Gotta go check your blog out too!

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