Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmm?

Snack foods on the go-
Do you ever think about taking a snack with you when you go out of the house? I mean I will grab something for the kids but usually don't take something for myself unless I am starving. So if I take something to munch on in the car it is usually pretzels, low fat cheeze its (yummo), or crackers. Something neat and easy to put in a ziplock bag and take with you. There is a point...

Last night I am driving to Lucy's school and I am at a stop light and the woman in the car next to me is eating chicken wings. Not just eating them she is eating them and then sucking on the bones! I have never seen such a thing! And in a car! I don't know how you eat them as they are so messy. But I glanced over and saw her taking something out of her mouth and thought "gee that looks strange" and then I look again and she has a chicken wing, well the drummette part that looks like a little leg (because you know I had to check it out thoroughly) and is chomping off the chicken and then she sticks the entire bone in her mouth and sucks on it and then puts it down and brings up another bone (or the same one not sure since I couldn't see what was in her lap) and starts sucking on it. But not like a lollipop. I mean the whole thing in her mouth and then pulls it out!

What is up with that? Do you eat strange food in the car? Am I just crazy thinking this is bizarre? I mean I am in the south but come on. Can't you wait until you get home? Just doesn't seem like a car snack food. Anyway other than being a strange choice it grossed me out.
Is there anything that grosses you out that other drivers do? Have you seen any drivers do something so stupid or funny that you laughed out loud? I want to know.

In the mean time don't be looking for me eating any kind of chicken with a bone in it in the car.

Have a great day and Lif is Good!


Anne said...

Wow - that driver had talent! I would probably have been grossed out by that too.

My college roommate always hated it when anyone riding/driving in a car had any part of their person out of the car. You know, resting your elbow on the open window jam, letting your hand touch the outside, top part of the car or just letting said hand hang there. For some reason that grossed her out. And though I don't know why, it doesn't really bother me, but now when I see that I can't help but think of her and think of how I should be grossed out. Kind of willing myself to be a bit grossed out.

I can't stand it when drivers aren't seeming to pay attention and then when you get near them you realize they're on the phone AND multi-tasking with the "free" hand while their other maintains hold and control of the phone.

I tend not to eat much in the car, but I love my cup holders for my drinks. I do have a great way of folding the wrapping around a burger when I do go through the drive through. It keeps the mustard and mayo from dropping out in your lap (which always causes drivers to not pay attention - using their "free" hand to clean up the mess while the other maintains hold of the burger). LOL

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I can't stop laughing at the chicken wing thing. I have a friend who actually drives to work with a bowl of cereal, with cut up or dried fruit on it, in milk...which means ultimately he is eating soggy cereal which totally grosses me out, but also, he just drives along with this big bowl of cereal and eats it.

I don't try to eat in the car. If I eat donuts, it is usually a Boston Creme and when those burst after a bite, it isnt something you can take care of one handedly. I usually keep it to oreos and coffee.

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