Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life is REALLY Good!

Two days ago I was not excited about the upcoming presidential election. I was tired of seeing Obama on tv and not very excited about John McCain. Then comes the bombshell that McCain actually picks an intelligent candidate with executive experience, oh and she just so happens to be a woman! WOW can it get any better than this. A governor does more in one week than a senator does in a year so Obama/Biden can clam up on that one. This woman is truly incredible. She went after the Republicans in her state that were corrupt! How refreshing is that?

The biggest excitement for me is that she has a child with downs syndrome. My dear friend has a child with down syndrome. Sarah Palin knew her child had downs while in the womb and she chose to have the child because she knew she would be blessed and made a better person by carrying the baby to term. Listening to the media say with such incredible disbelief that she knew in advance is a victory for all children with down syndrome. Those that are here and those that are still in the womb. It will give pregnant women hope and know that they can bring this child into the world and others have done it and continue to lead a normal family life. It shows that it is not a horrible thing to have a baby with down syndrome but a blessed thing. For this I am so grateful. For my friend April and her daughter Claire and all the wonderful children like Claire I am over the moon.

So today is a great day not just for republicans but for all people with down syndrome and those families with a family member that has down syndrome. I have been on a personal crusade for the past (almost 5 years) to educate people about downs. To try to get to drs and people in the medical industry to make sure they give women options when they are told the child in the womb has downs. To say there is something other than termination.

My personal story is that I always thought I would have a child with downs. I was 39 when I had my last child so it should have been me and that child would have been welcomed into this world with loving arms. Instead my 29 year old friend April was the lucky one to get the baby with downs syndrome. She did not know before Claire was born that this was the case but that would not have made a difference. She would have carried Claire to term no matter what. A true hero in my book.

So I walk around in almost a drunken joy at the choice by John McCain of Sarah Palin. This is not about being a republican or democrat. This is about being an advocate. So no matter what your political convictions I hope you will share in my joy over this.

God is good and Life is Great!

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Brittany said...

I, too, am so excited about this. A dear friend of mine had a Downs baby in May. I'm excited that this will bring Downs to the forefront of American's minds and probably set some great things in motion for the families and children w/ Downs. I'm also excited about her bringing much needed life to John McCain's run for the White House. Yay!

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