Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sort of Sheperds Pie

My husband found his way to my blog yesterday. It must have been the self promotion on my facebook status that gave away the address and said I was back up and running. He gave me some constructive criticism and told me the food pictures do not do my food justice (I think that is a compliment!). So I will try to do better with pictures in the coming year but today no picture as I am waiting on my battery to be mailed to me. Hoping it gets here today. I have not tried to hide my blog from him but when I have taken pictures of our food in the past he certainly has looked at me strangely. Now I think he gets it!
Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and she was talking about crockpots. I love my crockpot. I would put it right up there in my top 3 appliances with my food processor and bread machine (oh and my Kitchen Aid mixer). Food is so easy. I also love the cookbook Fix it and Forget it. I happened to be trying to clean out my recipe cabinet and get rid of recipes I had printed off the Internet that I would not make again, get rid of a cook book or 2 (didn't happen). And there looking at me was Fix it and Forget it and my friend telling me about crockpot macaroni and cheeses (which by the way is yummo!).
I looked in the freezer and had some ground venison and frozen corn and of some potatoes in my vegetable bowl. So I decided on Shepard's pie or something like it.

Crockpot Layered Sheppard's Pie - Adapted from Fix It and Forget It

6 potatoes -sliced thin (perfect from the food processor)
1.5-2 pounds ground meat - cooked
Frozen or canned corn
Frozen or canned peas (I did not have any so only used corn)
half an onion (I went light on the onion because my kids pick them out!)
1/4 cup beef broth (or water)
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Spray the Crockpot with Pam. In layers ad
1. Potatoes 1/4
2. onion 1/2
sprinkle salt and pepper on layers
3. corn
4. potatoes 1/4
5. corn or peas if you want to add them
6. potatoes 1/4
7 onion 1/2
sprinkle salt and pepper
8. potatoes 1/4 and add beef broth or water
9. ground meat
10. cream of mushroom soup (spread this over the top so it is not a big blob)

Turn Crockpot on low and bake for 5-6 hours (or however long you would like). I put this in at 10 am and did not eat until 5:30 and it was perfect. I sprinkled cheese on it for the kids and they loved it too. And I think Dan ate a hearty helping when he got home after 9:00!

In the cold winter months with a Crockpot of hearty food and an appreciative family Life is Good!
Since my camera battery is dead here are a few pictures of us from our recent trip to Kiawah.

Dan and Lucy riding bikes on Kiawah

Me and Cambridge riding bikes on Kiawah

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Paula Pacheco said...

Hello...I saw your blog, it's amazing...I loved...I'm Chinese that leaves with family in Brasil...and we loved Italian other recipes of you posted...and this bikes are wonderful...see you!!

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